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Enjoy ethical hacking tutorials made simple. From penetrating wireless networks to planting reverse shells on your target’s computer, these guides offer step-by-step tuition on all things penetration testing. After gaining access, we can do almost anything: from turning the webcam on, retrieving passwords, recording everything the target types, planting material on their computer, and more!

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Hacking websites with WPScan 🧐

WPScan is a powerful vulnerability scanner for analysing websites built using the WordPress platform. In this guide, we’ll explore the top commands that every ethical hacker needs to know to get the best from this tool.

Fifteen Steps to maximising firefox privacy πŸ”’βœ…

Download the complete FireFox checklist that I give to my counter-surveillance clients – completely free of charge! I will take you step-by-step through advanced Firefox Configurations that will help you maximise your privacy, security and anonymity.Β 

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