Kali Linux Tools

The largest repository of all tools in Kali Linux, presented in an easy to digest format. My goal has been to list every tool available in Kali Linux in plain English along with it’s use case, and a link to the relevant repositories. 

Search for a tool to view more information, find its source code, and access helpful tutorials from Aitken Security if a tutorial has already been created. 


0trace is a network reconnaissance tool integrated into the Kali Linux toolkit. It facilitates stealthy and untraceable remote host reconnaissance, allowing penetration testers and security professionals to gather information about the route that packets take to reach a target system without leaving identifiable traces.


Aesfix is a tool available in Kali Linux designed to repair files encrypted with the AES encryption algorithm by correcting errors in the encrypted data.

AES KeyFind

Aeskeyfind is a forensic tool featured in Kali Linux, designed for identifying AES keys in memory or files, aiding in the investigation of cryptographic security incidents.


Airgeddon is a comprehensive wireless attack framework in Kali Linux, providing a suite of tools for wireless network auditing, reconnaissance, and exploitation.


Altdns is a DNS reconnaissance tool featured in Kali Linux, designed to discover subdomains by generating permutations and alterations based on input domain names.


Amass is a DNS reconnaissance tool available in Kali Linux, designed for discovering subdomains and associated information by actively probing the internet.

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