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Don’t know your ARP poisonings from your SQL Injections? We will cut out the jargon and help you focus on what truly matters: the sound security of your business and your family.

Aitken Security is a fully-certified and fully-qualified cybersecurity company operating in London, offering every digital security service that you will ever need.

We are not your typical stuffy cybersecurity company – we have a sincere and genuine passion for going the extra mile for our clients, implementing robust and highly effective security systems yet don’t get in the way of your life.

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Cybersecurity services in London

We offer a full-suite of cybersecurity services for individuals and businesses in London. Every cybersecurity service you will ever need, all in one roof.

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We offer a full suite of cybersecurity services for individuals and businesses in London.

Fifteen Steps to maximising firefox privacy 🔒✅

Download the complete FireFox checklist that I give to my counter-surveillance clients – completely free of charge! I will take you step-by-step through advanced Firefox Configurations that will help you maximise your privacy, security and anonymity. 

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Aitken Security is a UK Cybersecurity Company specialising in offensive and defensive security.